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Help restore mangroves in Colombia

Where: Caribbean coast and the Andes, Colombia

Partner: Asociación Calidris

What’s happening?

Migratory birds now have few places left to refuel in Colombia. Mangroves and wetlands, a winter home to species such as the Semipalmated Sandpiper and the Short-billed Dowitcher, are being lost to an increasing number of agriculture, tourism, and infrastructure projects. In the Colombian Andes, habitat loss is also threatening the survival of migratory species such as the Canada Warbler.

What are we doing?

Calidris is training locals to identify birds and get them involved in birdwatching tourism. This not only ensures tourism is sustainable, but provides locals with a source of income. In the Andes, they are working on developing bird-friendly alternatives to cattle raising and coffee growing – both practices that traditionally result in the loss of important bird habitat.


Canada Warbler © Asociación Calidris



How can you help?

Coastal and Andean areas are in dire need of getting an adequate waste management programme to recover key sites – especially mangroves. With your help, mangroves can be restored for the benefit of locals who are working to protect wildlife through responsible tourism and agriculture.

Dowitcher feeding on the shore

Canada Warbler © Asociación Calidris