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Save the nationally endangered Piping Plover – Canada

Where: Atlantic Coast, Canada

BirdLife Partner: Bird Studies Canada

What’s happening?

Extensive recreational use of eastern Canada’s beaches, and shoreline development for tourism, is pushing the tiny Piping Plover towards extinction. This well-camouflaged shorebird feeds and nests along them in the spring, yet oblivious beachgoers trample their nests without even realizing, while careless people pollute their nesting grounds with plastic litter. As a result of these disturbances, the Piping Plover is in decline, and is now absent from much of Ontario.

A small Piping Plover By Ray Hennessy


What are we doing?

Bird Studies Canada is working with beach users to reduce disturbance from pets and all-terrain vehicles. To protect breeding plovers, we set up signs around sensitive nesting habitats. On busy beaches, rope fencing prevents trampling of nests and reduces disturbances.

Bird Studies Canada is also monitoring populations to then carry out awareness-raising measures in the most important nesting areas.

Piping plover © I. Santry

How can you help?

Bird Studies Canada’s mission is urgent. With increasing tourism along the coast, the threat to shorebirds is multiplying. They currently do not have sufficient means to inform as many beach users as they could but your contribution will help them expand their vital work to save the Piping Plover from extinction.