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Help safeguard protected areas in the Bahamas

Where: Coastal areas across the Bahamas

BirdLife Partner: Bahamas National Trust

What’s happening?

These heavenly islands have become hell for migratory birds such as the Piping Plover: entire beaches are being lost to development and invasive plants are taking over habitats, transforming the bird’s food landscape. While many areas are protected on paper, many are being left unmanaged and become unsuitable as stopover sites.

Red Knot / Calindris canutus © Hans Hillewaert


What are we doing?

The Bahamas National Trust safeguards the country’s National Parks, identifies vital areas for migratory birds, gets them protected and manages any threats. They back the removal of invasive plants, such as the Australian pine tree, which colonize beach habitats, shading out natural vegetation and changing the soil chemistry.


A Piping Plover on the beach at the Joulter Cays National Park. © Lindsay AddisonPiping Plover © Lindsay Addison

How can you help

The only way wildlife will be able to survive is by ensuring that the protected habitats that they rely on remain healthy. With your help, the Bahamas National Trust will be able to go ahead with their plans to eradicate invasive plants, restore vital habits and reduce sources of pollution in National Parks – benefiting species such as Red Knot and Piping Plover.