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Make beaches safe for the Red Knot in Argentina

Where: San Antonio Bay, Río Negro, Argentina

BirdLife Partner: Aves Argentinas


What’s happening?

San Antonio Bay is an essential stopover site for migratory birds. Unfortunately, humans love those beaches as much as the Red Knots and Sanderlings do. The presence of vehicles, pets and people is scaring off the exhausted birds, threatening their already dwindling populations.


Bahia San Antonio Catches  Red Knots, Sanderlings and other Migratory birds




flock of red knot birds on-sand calidris canutus rufa © Breese Greg

What are we doing?

To capture the attention of as many tourists as possible, the Shorebird Festival of San Antonio Bay is organized each year to inspire tourists to take care of shorebirds and their environment through educational activities, art, workshops and birdwatching trips.

How can you help?

Environmental education is the key to keeping people aware of the presence of shorebirds in San Antonio Bay. With your help, Aves Argentinas can scale up their fundamental work to develop a tourism culture that is friendly to Red Knots and other threatened migratory birds.