Save America's migratory birds

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Friends Across the Flyway

Migratory birds in the americas need your help.

Every fall, thousands of shorebirds prepare to embark on the ultimate American road trip.

Departing their breeding grounds in the remote Arctic, these tiny birds risk death by travelling thousands of miles south to their tropical wintering grounds in South America. By doing so, they face exhaustion, starvation and predation. But it is a risk they have to take if they are to survive the winter.

But you can help by donating today.

Saving migratory species requires a joined-up approach to conservation. BirdLife Partners are working to ensure the epic road trip undertaken by America’s shorebirds is less treacherous. Read their stories to find the project you’d like to support, or simply make a donation to support conservation of the entire flyway. Your donation will help the mission to save the lives of the millions of birds facing danger in the Americas.


the migration map of the canada warbler Cornell Lab

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